Benefits of FG Xpress Powerstrips

fgxpress powerstrips benefits


FG Xpress PowerStrips A Patented Medial Breakthrough



Powerstrips are revolutionary new products that work by increasing heat to the area of the body and relieving pain, which is why it has a U.S FDA listed class 1 medical device and is designed for pain relief.

What makes the Power Strip Work so effective?

There are actually 5 key technologies that work together to provide the health benefits of the powerstrip.

Water Soluble Adhesive

adhesive-powerstripPowerstrips have a patented adhesive that allows the it to stay on anywhere you place it.

The adhesive is specifically designed for sensitive skin to avoid irritations.

This cutting edge technology is designed to make the PowerStrip stay on during physical activities as well.

Marine Phytoplankton –

One key element found in the Powerstrip. Marine Phytoplankton (Alpha3 CMP™).

diatom-1The technology on the Powerstrip allows this powerful blend of ingredients to provide temporary relief to the area affected.

We are just scratching the surface and telling you the short version of the many benefits of Marine Phytoplankton, which is actually one of the most powerful foods on earth!

If you want the longer version of the benefits of Marine Phytoplankton ( please Google it)

It is the MOST Powerful and Essential food on EARTH.

We can go over all of the benefits and the data, which makes this Powerstrips revolutionary, but the truth is YOU NEED TO TRY IT TO EXPERIENCE IT!!!

Which is why we have put together a program where you can get a Free Powerstrip and try it today with no risk.





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