FG Xpress Business Opportunity

fgxpressThe opportunity by FG Xpress is really one of a kind.

The Powerstrips have been proven to be so effective for muscle pain, discomfort, skin imperfections and pain relief that FGXPRESS has chosen to promote the Powerstrips by the genuine recommendation of its users and distributors.

This is a very special opportunity since Fg Xpress is the first marketing company of its kind with a groundbreaking product in the industry of pain relief, which is a $100 Billion Dollar Market.

Millions of people around the world take prescribe medication everyday for pain relief, often compromising their overall health -

Just in American prescription drugs directly kill over 100,000 people a year.

FG Xpress is designed to provide natural solution for one of the world most common problems, PAIN.

This company has major pros to its favor that make it an extraordinary opportunity:

medical-devicecheck-fg Product Listed with the FDA as a class 1 Medical Device

The benefits of the Powerstrip are so groundbreaking, they are listed as a United States FDA class 1 medical device that has been designed for pain relief.

check-fgglobal-opportunityAvailable to Anyone, anywhere in the world!

This product is available everywhere in the world exclusively by FgXpress.

check-fgOwned and operated by a 10 year Old publicly Traded Company (stock symbol FVRF)

wall-street-sign-1If that wasn’t all, FG Xpress is a publicly traded company, Trading under the Stock Symbol of (FVRG) back up by a solid 10 year company.

Which makes it a marketer dream come true!

When you join our exclusive xPowerteam you will have access to the system we have created around this opportunity.

XPowerTeam System – How can we help you start your own business?

Xpowerteam has created a powerful marketing system that you can start using with no prior sales experience

…Just Plug-in and Go!
fgxpress-funnelWe know the industry of network marketing is all about building relationships, connecting with your personal network and beyond to share valuable products that can truly make a difference in someone’s life.

We are convinced Fg Xpress is one of the best opportunities that you can find in the world.

Fg Xpress has an exclusive and unique line of products that is creating new trends and providing natural solutions to some of the world most common problems and is available for ANYONE to JOIN WORLDWIDE.

Because we know how special and profitable this opportunity is, we have created a system around it to help you spread the word.

This SYSTEM makes sharing the FGXpress business easy…

We know that the key to becoming successful in a network marketing business is to use solid tools that can help you automatize and systematize the process as much as possible.

When you join Xpowerteam you will have access to all the tools we have created to help you promote your FgXpress business!

XPowerTeam Marketing Tools

  • Custom sales funnel to make it easy for your prospects to buy!
  • Automatic follow-up emails sent to all your leads
  • Exclusive FREE Sample Giveaway – We ship samples on YOUR behalf
  • A fully integrated prospect management system with tracking
  • Invite System – You can send up to 25,000 emails per day using our servers
  • Ongoing Step-by-Step training and LIVE Webinars to help you
  • Exclusive opportunity to participate in our XPowerTeam Marketing Co-ops
  • Custom Marketing Tools (banners, emails, phone scripts)
  • Plus, Much More…


In fact all you need to do is get this product in someone’s hand… You don’t need to tell them anything… Just let them try it.

This system is built around people trying and LOVING this product. Our team can do all the follow up, provide all the tools and information to your prospect.

All you have to do is get them to try the Powerstrips.

Get a free sample of the Powerstrip today and learn more about the xpowerteam system.

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